Psychic Medium...
by Liz Beth Suter 
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Phone Readings or in person.
Professional Intuitive Consultant.
Accurate. Specific. Uplifting. Confidential.

Albany, New York's Psychic Medium/Clairvoyant

Yes, dead people tell her things.   Direct Voice Mediumship. 
That's a rare gift few psychics possess.  And most psychics are not mediums.

With crystal clear Direct Voice Mediumship, there’s no guessing like with John Edward: "I hear a C- name with you."


For example, Liz Beth once heard, from a friend's departed mother, "My name is Carole, Carole with an E." As one can imagine, this makes it easier than for the vast majority of mediums who must resort to describing a spirit or interpreting symbols from the spirit world.


Liz Beth Suter is a semi-retired professional Archaeologist. She has been using her intuitive gifts combined with her knowledge of indoor & outdoor spaces for the past twelve years as an interior decorator. She holds a BA in Ancient Civilizations & Political Science with a Masters in Anthropology. Liz Beth has a portfolio of certifications and completed professional development class certificates in psychic development, intuitive consulting, dowsing and spirit rescue.

Her readings could feature your past lives, romance/finance/career/family, chakra/aura, past/present/future answers. Plus, she always gives you the mediumistic source of the information, e.g. your spirit guide's name or your deceased family member or pet.


Professional Psychic Medium. Phone readings $40/15 minutes. $100/50 minutes*. Liz Beth lives in Albany, NY, or she can come to you, or host a Psychic Party at your house/facility (starting at $250).

Uplifting, accurate, confidential, clairvoyant


Socrates or a physicist studying quantum mechanics, heck even Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton, might want to know:  

How to be a medium? How to be a psychic? How to be a spiritual empath? What's the difference between a medium and a psychic? Is it a gift or an ability? Can anyone be clairvoyant? See into the future? And what about the other clairs: clairsentience, clairgustance and clairaudience...anymore Claires in the house? And how about the Indigo children, the paranormal kids, kids with ADD or ADHD? Ever get that haunted feeling? Sixth sense or a mother's intuition?

Past Life Regression and Past Lives, Spirit Communication, the paranormal, psychic phenomena, spirit orbs or Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) or white noise, spirit dowsing for ghosts who have not crossed's all fair game. Chakras, auras and aura scanning, too. Precognition and deja vu all over again.

And what about tarot card readings, astrology charts and readings and crystal balls? Can she read palms? No, Liz Beth does not read palms, gaze into crystal balls, consult astrology charts or flip over cards from a tarot deck.

No need to, she's got something better, because Liz Beth is a medium like John Edward, Sylvia Browne, the Ghost Whisperer, or TLC's Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. Liz Beth Suter combines a little of those who've come before her, especially medical intuitive Edgar Cayce...for whom her rescue dog is named, Cayce, her Tennessee hound dog. 

Want to know the Power Animals that guide you or find out about your pets, past and present? Well, animal communication, even with those in spirit, it's all possible.

Lots of study and meditation and then more meditation and study, sprinkled with  healthy doses of practical experience and testing: seances, circles and readings, and proven spirit communication, that's how L
iz Beth Suter became a Psychic Medium.

Why make the following point?: Every medium is a psychic, but not every psychic is a medium.

A Medium's information is often/usually on a spiritually higher level than a psychic's
because a Medium's source is from someone who is on the other side and therefore more spiritually-evolved.

Psychics use earthly sources such as astrology, Runes, crystals, palm reading, psychometry or tarot cards. Mediums ONLY need a sacred, protected space for spirit communication, not cards or objects.

Commonly received through Ms. Suter's readings:
the source for your answers, e.g. name of the person-in-spirit answering your questions
-aura scanning for blockages, financial and romance
-past lives as a path to improving current life
-names of angel guides or spirit guides
-power animals working with you

 "Her extraordinary gift is to be a human vessel for those who have died... to communicate to loved ones who are still alive... and often consumed with grief.  It’s as if Suter were hand-picked by the spirit world to convey messages of hope, love, support and absolute proof that there is life after death."  -D. Cardarella, TV Producer, Albany, NY  

      Spirit Communication gives hope to grieving loved ones.


Liz BethSuter and will never let your financial situation be a barrier in accessing Suter's spiritual gifts. Contact this Albany, New York clairvoyant for special arrangements for your next psychic reading, psychic readings or sit down face-to-face and experience spiritual healing now.

All readings are for entertainment purposes only and conform to NYS law.


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