Psychic Medium...
by Liz Beth Suter 
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About Me

Liz Beth Suter, MA is a gifted psychic medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient with added abilities to see past lives, and how they might influence the here and now. She has a portfolio of certifications and completed continuing education class certificates.

Born not far from famed Spiritualist haven Lilydale, NY, this semi-retired professional archaeologist currently resides in Albany.  Digging into past lives seems to be a penchant for Liz Beth Suter, and past life awareness helps individuals understand how events from a different time and place often carry over emotional imprints

Liz Beth Suter is a professional Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Medium with a specialty in Direct Voice Mediumship.

Direct Voice Mediumship: Those who have observed Suter’s talents, witness a technique known as direct voice, whereby she actually hears the spoken words of her clients' spirit guides & loved ones.

Liz Beth often gets "Direct Voice" messages (actual names, words & complete sentences) during psychic readings from disincarnate loved ones. This rare method of spirit communication enables her to actually “hear” what the spirit is saying.  That kind of specificity is a rare gift, even among other talented psychic mediums. The vast majority of clairvoyants see a spirit, try to describe it, then the client has to make a guess as to what the visual symbols might represent. 

With crystal clear Direct Voice Mediumship, there’s no guessing like with John Edward:  
"I hear a  Ca-
name with you
." On the other hand, here is an example of how
Liz Beth Suter works when she once heard, from a classmate's departed mother, "My name is Carole, Carole with an E."

Literal vs. symbolic messages. There is no guessing or attempt to translate symbols when Liz Beth is engaged in direct voice. Yet, there are instances when she will be given symbols from those who have crossed.  In fact, approximately 95% of all mediums utilize only symbolic interpretation when relating a message from a discarnate loved one.  Here, once again, Suter excels at knowing precisely what the spirit is saying to her- this is often validated by her clients who are simply stunned by her paranormal gifts.

Liz Beth Suter's extraordinary gift is to be a human vessel for those who have died to communicate to loved ones who are still alive and often consumed with grief. It’s as if this Albany based clairvoyant were hand-picked by the spirit world to convey messages of hope, love, support and absolute proof that there is life after death.





(Pictured Above L) LizBeth Suter, Psychic Medium and semi-retired Professional Archaeologist,
respectfully excavates (for exhumation)  Paupers' Cemetery (early 20th c.) for footprint of University Heights Building, Albany, NY, 2002.

Note the perfectly round ORB above decedent's skull.
Photo in Albany, New York was taken using digital camera, with no flash, within a covered tent.
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