Psychic Medium...
by Liz Beth Suter 
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About Psychic Readings

Death is a comma, not a period at the end of a sentence...

Liz Beth Suter is both a professional Psychic Medium and Intuitive Consultant with a portfolio of past certifications and extensive completed class list certificates (Psychic Development, Intuitive Consulting, Dowsing/Spirit Rescue, BA, MA).

Most psychics are not mediums. All mediums are psychic & Liz Beth Suter is a Psychic Medium.

A Medium's information is often on a spiritually higher level than a psychic's, because the source is someone who is on the other side and/or more spiritually-evolved.

Psychics use earthly sources such as crystals, palm reading, psychometry or tarot cards. Mediums only need a sacred, protected space for spirit communication, not cards or objects.

Spirits "living" on another plane of existence tell Ms. Suter things through Direct Voice and clairsentient or clairvoyant symbols.

The following is not necessary for a reading with Liz Beth, however to better prepare  & open your own mind for your reading, you might wish to do the following:

-Set your intentions. Know what you are hoping to get out of your reading ahead of time.

-Make a list of QUESTIONS - the more specific the questions, the better the reading.

-List and invite the dearly departed with whom you wish to speak.

Commonly received through Ms. Suter's readings: 
-aura scanning for blockages, financial and romantic
-past lives as a path to improving current life
-names of angel guides or spirit guides
-animal communication (animals communicate across planes of existence, too)
-the source for your answers, e.g. name of the person-in-spirit answering your questions

Uplifting and entertaining. Liz Beth Suter won't give you negative information unless there's a way for you or Spirit to intercede on your behalf.

Call for a $40 phone reading (15 minutes).
Private readings $100 (50 minutes).
Free reading for hosting a Psychic Party of five or more ($250 minimum).
Albany, New York

Liz Beth and will never let your financial situation be a barrier in accessing Suter's spiritual gifts. Contact this Albany, New York clairvoyant for special arrangements for your next psychic reading, online psychic readings or sit down face-to-face and experience spiritual healing now.

All readings are for entertainment purposes only and do conform to NYS law.
Psychic Readings
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