Psychic Medium...
by Liz Beth Suter 
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This winter my mother, God rest her soul, "told" LizBeth to be careful about me getting pregnant by a man named "Jack" who drinks Budweiser. Hmph, I thought with doubt, I don't know anyone by that name, and even when I was married, we never used birth control and I never worried about pregnancy. Now, I'm over fifty and not even dating.

Fast forward to this summer in Albany, NY and LizBeth is doing another reading for me. Why? Well guess what? LizBeth was right. I met that exact guy, but uh oh, now my period's late. But not even my doctor's pregnancy test gave me a definitive answer.  The doc told me I had to get another test in two weeks. "Keep that next doctor's appointment," my friends and family told me, reminding me what my psychic had told me.  And I did keep it ... even though a few days later ... I got my period !

Test results: tubal pregnancy, no chance for the fetus to survive, and I might not have either. Without LizBeth's Spirit Communication, that baby would have grown without me even being aware of it (even at six weeks there was NO cramping, no signs). The nurse told me internal bleeding, surgery, perhaps death could have resulted. Phew.

Don't need tarot cards, palm readings or crystal balls, not with LizBeth Suter, she's an amazing clairvoyant."
-H.B., Troy, NY

LizBeth recalls channeling this classic:

Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Yes, dead people even sing to me. True story: Client's deceased mother, during a psychic reading, I 'hear' that simple child's song? Odd? The very next day, I’m channel surfing, SPLASH, TV preacher, dissects that very song...


ROW, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Row, action verb, requires some "paddling" to create that dream. YOUR boat, not someone else's boat. GENTLY, merrily...that's how you know you're in the right stream. Life is but a DREAM. 
Gently rowing- merrily dreaming. Spirit chills.
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